About us
Shenzhen Yingke Era Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional company engaged in new energy research and development, focusing on efficient new energy technology research and development, with products including DC-AC; AC-DC; DC-DC bidirectional power module, portable mobile energy storage products, optical energy storage and charging power station, parallel and off grid household energy storage, microgrid (micro reverse) and high-efficiency charging pile module and whole pile. The research and development, manufacturing, and sales of micro intelligent photovoltaic grid connected inverter systems are committed to providing green energy solutions for industry and household users.
Application Scenario
Portable outdoor mobile power supply
Portable outdoor mobile power sources are widely used in outdoor activities, such as tourism, picnics, outdoor leisure, camping, outdoor emergency response, and outdoor operations.
Micro inverter
Micro-inverters can convert renewable energy such as solar energy and wind energy into stable direct current energy, and then convert it into AC power output to meet the needs of different electrical equipment.
PV Inverter

Equipped with energy storage interfaces and various communication methods, it meets the requirements of different application environments such as indoor and outdoor, and is widely used in household photovoltaic power generation systems such as residential roofs, courtyards, parking lots, and farms.

Industrial and commercial container energy storage
Suitable for various application scenarios such as peak shaving and valley filling, AC power grid expansion, factory backup, industrial and commercial power guarantee, and off grid emergency power supply.
Charging station
By installing mobile charging stations in public places, residential areas, parking lots, office spaces, scenic spots, and other places, people can be provided with convenient charging services, improving their quality of life and work efficiency.
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