Photovoltaic power generation is cleaner and more environmentally friendly compared to coal-fired po

2023-09-01 15:01

International research institutions have also reached the same conclusion regarding relevant data. As early as March 28, 2012, Greenpeace Environmental Protection Organization released the "China Photovoltaic Industry Clean Production Research Report", which pointed out that photovoltaic power generation is an excellent low-carbon energy source, and achieving clean production in the photovoltaic industry can achieve a win-win situation of environmental protection and cost reduction. The report points out that photovoltaic power generation has completely zero emissions during use, while the energy consumption and carbon emissions during photovoltaic manufacturing are only 5-10% of fossil fuels. The energy recovery cycle of photovoltaic power generation is only 1.3 years, and calculated based on a service life of 25 years, photovoltaic power generation has zero carbon emissions for about 24 years, demonstrating its huge advantages in energy conservation and emission reduction.