Photovoltaic poverty alleviation contributes to targeted poverty alleviation energy program

2019-10-23 16:36

Implement photovoltaic poverty alleviation in places with solar and thermal conditions, build village-level photovoltaic power stations, form village collective economy through revenue, and carry out poverty alleviation in public welfare positions, poverty alleviation in small public welfare undertakings, and poverty alleviation with incentives and subsidies."

Since the implementation of photovoltaic poverty alleviation for five years, under the policy support and financial security of many departments such as the National Energy Administration, and under the practical exploration and model innovation of energy and power enterprises, China's photovoltaic poverty alleviation has ignited a wildfire, showing the characteristics of scientific pilot implementation, precision of poverty alleviation objects, long-term operation and maintenance, and maximum poverty alleviation benefits. It has achieved the effect of "achieving multiple goals with one stone" such as steadily driving the masses to increase their income and lift them out of poverty, effectively protecting the ecological environment, and actively promoting the supply-side reform in the energy field, and has become an effective means of targeted poverty alleviation and an important way of industrial poverty alleviation.