5 minutes of charging, a range of 200 kilometers!

2023-09-14 09:59

Recently, the company invested in the construction of Shenzhen's first high-speed full liquid cooled supercharging station "Shenzhen high-speed Changzhen Service area supercharging demonstration station" officially put into operation. The site is located in the outer ring highway Changzhen parking area of Guangming District, Shenzhen, divided into two stations in the north and south parking area, each station is configured with two supercharging terminals, each terminal can provide 600kW super charging power, can provide super fast charging service for new energy vehicles with super fast charging function, alleviate the problem of long queuing time and slow charging. Improve the travel efficiency of car owners, meet the needs of car owners to travel quickly and reduce the time spent in the service area.

What's the experience like? The supercharging demonstration station in the deep high-speed and long pipe service area adopts the liquid-cooled supercharging technology, which can integrate light storage and realize the coordination of vehicle-pile and pile network. The maximum output voltage of a single charging terminal is 1000V, the current is 600A, and the single gun power is up to 600kW. Charging for 5 minutes, the maximum endurance of 200 kilometers, to achieve the speed of replenishing energy, to create a speed charging experience for new energy owners, to help promote the planning and construction of Shenzhen "charging a network" and "supercharging city". In terms of safety, the supercharge product adopts the architecture of "liquid cooling system + DC bus" to effectively solve the problem of temperature rise during long-term high-power charging. It has a variety of protection functions such as ground continuity detection, insulation detection, battery reverse connection protection, and low level alarm.

The person in charge of the company introduced that the full liquid cooling design has the advantages of better heat dissipation, lower noise, and longer service life of the equipment to more than 10-20 years. The success rate of single charge using supercharged pile can reach more than 99%. At the same time, the full liquid-cooled supercharge architecture of the site can match the charging needs of different models, and the car is charged to achieve power sharing, maximize the vehicle charging needs, and support AC/DC smooth superposition energy storage in the future, to achieve intelligent peak cutting, reduce and reduce the transformation of mains power, and realize the effective use of power resources.

The official operation of the supercharge demonstration site in the Shenzhen high-speed Changzhen Service area marks an important breakthrough in the highway charging scene of the new energy vehicle charging service field, bringing more convenient and efficient charging services to new energy vehicle users and helping the high-quality development of the new energy vehicle industry.

The construction of charging facilities has become the cornerstone of the development of the new energy automobile industry. In the future, Nanwang Electric Company will continue to increase the construction of charging facilities, and will rebuild or invest in no less than 10 new demonstration stations such as liquid cooled supercharge in Shenzhen before 2025, improve the charging service network, and actively explore the application of new technologies such as intelligent charging and networking of vehicles, relying on the independently developed "Shunyi charging" charging management platform. Provide users with convenient services such as charging route planning and electronic invoice, comprehensively improve user charging experience, serve Shenzhen to build a "supercharged city", and promote the rapid development of the new energy vehicle industry.