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5 minutes of charging, a range of 200 kilometers!

Recently, the company invested in the construction of Shenzhen's first high-speed full liquid cooled supercharging station "Shenzhen high-speed Changzhen Service area supercharging demonstration stati

Is there still an opportunity for photovoltaic investment?

For photovoltaic, securities firms are firmly bullish, and I will share with you the core logic: 1) From a policy perspective, electricity marketization does not hinder the development of new energy;

Photovoltaic power generation is cleaner and more environmentally friendly compared to coal-fired po

International research institutions have also reached the same conclusion regarding relevant data. As early as March 28, 2012, Greenpeace Environmental Protection Organization released the "Clean Prod

Photovoltaic poverty alleviation contributes to targeted poverty alleviation energy program

Implement photovoltaic poverty alleviation in places with solar and thermal conditions, build village-level photovoltaic power stations, form a village collective economy through revenue, and carry ou

Photovoltaic power generation opens up a path to poverty alleviation on the plateau

On October 14th, in the 4.4 megawatt poverty alleviation photovoltaic power plant in Maduo County, Golog Prefecture, Qinghai Province, with an altitude of 4300 meters, rows of neatly arranged polycr